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Radar and Maps provides URLs for Satellite, Radar, and Temperature maps as well as other various images of the United States, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

Maps can be provided in standard (373×272) size or enlarged (640×480) size. Earth Networks provides the capability for end users to navigate between maps (traveling N, S, E, W), and to zoom in and out between local, regional, and national maps. Navigation XML can be optionally added to provide a way to create an interface for your users to pan and zoom throughout the maps.

An animation option allows for a number of time-sequential images to be returned. Cycling through these images provides for a small animation loop. Note that images should be used in the same order as they are returned in the XML. Radar and Maps provide specific information for the given zip code or city code RequestType “RadarAndMaps” or 5.

Request URL:

https://earthnetworks.azure-api.net/getRadarsandMaps?RequestType=5&ZipCode=<zip code>&PostalCode=<postalcode>&CityCode=<citycode>[&MapType=<Map Type>][&Zoom=<Zoom>][&Animate=<Animate>][&Navigation=<Navigation>][&Enlarge=<Enlarge>]&subscription-key=<Your subscription key>

Request parameters:

RequestType string 5 or RadarAndMaps

Optionaly required parameters:

ZipCode A valid 5-digit zip code or 9- digit zip code

The zip code for the area that you wish to have data returned for.

We now support 9-digit zipcodes.

For example, 20171, 20171-

1234 both of these formats will be accepted if passed in

PostalCode 5-digit number

A series of letters and/or digits appended to a postal address for the purpose of sorting mail.

CityCode integer

The city code that identifies this location. This is the value that will be used in other calls to identify a specific list of stations for the provided city code

Optional parameters:


1 = Doppler Radar

2 = Infrared Satellite

3 = Satellite/Radar

4 = Visible Satellite

5 = Current Temperatures

6 = High Temps Today

7 = High Temps Tomorrow

8 = Wind Chill/Heat Index

9 = Wind Speed/Direction

10 = Topography

The type of map to retrieve.

Not all map types are available in all zip codes, such as Puerto Rico.

Zoom (Only for US)

1 = Local (closest view)

2 = Metro

3 = Regional

4 = National

8 = Hawaii

10 = Alaska

12 = Puerto Rico/Virgin Islands

The zoom level for the map

to retrieve. If you desire a map of Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico or the Virgin Islands, be sure to specify the corresponding Zoom level. Not all map types are available in all zoom levels.


0 or blank = Show only the

current map URL

1 = Show a list of URLs for animation loops

Provides the animation image list, rather than a single image XML in the response.
Navigation An XML Node containing an ID attribute as well as two sub-nodes. Contains information about the current category ID and has sub-nodes to indicate the next and previous categories.

0 or blank = Show standard

size map URL(s)

1 = Show large image URL(s)

when 0 is entered standard is returned 363×272 images in the XML response. When 1 is entered enlarged is returned 640×480 images

Request headers:

Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key string Subscription key which provides access to this API. Found in your Profile.


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