Real Time Weather Observations V4

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The Earth Networks Observation Data Feed will provide you with a set of current condition data based on the location or station id requested. For Location the logic is in place to always return the best observation for the location requested based on age, distance and accuracy. For station id the logic is to always return observations for that station id.

Request URL for latitudelongitude:[&cultureinfo][&locationtype][&location][&units][&r uledetails][&verbose][&metadata][&includeqcflags]

Request URL for stationid:[&cultureinfo][&locationtype][&stationid][&providerid][&units][&ruledetails][&verbose][&metadata][&includeqcflags]

Request parameters:

locationtype string „Latitudelongitude“ or „stationid“
(if location type is „latitudelongitude“)
string Latitude/Longitude in format: <Latitude>,<Longitude>
providerid (if  locationtype is „stationid“) String Must be valid ID from Search Weather Station API for station

Optional parameters:

verbose boolean

Abbreviations (false)

or long variable names (true)

true, false
units string Metric or English units “metric” or “English”
metadata boolean

determines whether

or not to return metadata

“false” or “true”
cultureinfo string Language “en-en”, “es-es”
ruledetails boolean

determines whether

or not to display explanation of rollover logic

“false” or “true”
includeqcflags boolean provides qc value for filtered measurements “false” or “true”

Request headers:

Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key string Subscription key which provides access to this API. Found in your Profile.


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